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Ready to visualize your new bathroom? You design it. We make it real. From a simple and affordable bath to a spa-inspired master bathroom, 

We provides a range of interior painting services, allowing for a smooth, excellent experience and exceptional results in every house.

Our goal is to make your house painting project simple and worry-free from start to finish. When painting exteriors, prep work and complete oil priming of surfaces with two finish coats of high quality paint is what makes our exteriors with stand the test of time.

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Carpet, Tile, Laminate. New flooring for the kitchen, bathroom, patio, or other spaces set up with minimal hassle and hightest quality.

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Los Angeles handyman services is here with qualified experts, excellent workmanship quality and flexible schedule.

  • Plumbing.

  • Electric.

  • Furniture Assembly.

  • Drywall Repairs.

  • Any small and large repairs in your home.

  • And much more.

  • Same-day service.

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Whole house renovation. Your home is your main investment. A complete home renovation will raise your assets in value. It’s time for you to make the updates and renovations to your house that will make it the home you love.

Home Renovation Los Angeles
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We will be your direct contractors. Do you want to get the most honest price without the participation of intermediaries? Place an order on our website and work directly with us.


House Renovation Contractor Los Angeles
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How we will save your money:
Home Remodeling Los Angeles
  • Affordable price. Get a free estimate now.

  • Quality work. Our work will stand the test of time and save your budget.

  • Fast service. We save your time, which means we save your money.

  • You can order all the home renovation work you need in one place and save on the amount of work.


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Home Renovation comes with lots of planning and work, but it is a great way to breathe new life into an old home, we at the Golden Home will be with you at all stages of your renovation. If you bought a new home or chosen to remodel a place you have lived in for many years, the most important thing is to hire a reliable contractor. House Renovation allows you to customize your home according to your preferences and needs. This is a great opportunity to create a comfortable space and make it useful and pleasant. A house remodeling provides you an excellent opportunity to make your home energy-efficient, save money on electricity bills, and also you can significantly increase the value of your home. A couple of thousand dollars invested in renovating a house can increase its value by several hundred thousand. Call Us Today and Get Free Estimate - 213-559-8040.