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to ADU for $19.000

Affordable Garage Converison / Garage Remodeling Services. The best price in Oklahoma for a garage conversion in ADU/Studio/Apt/Living Room or 1-2 bedroom apartment. If you find a cheaper price, we will make it even cheaper. Just call us right now and on the same day our guys will come and make a free estimate for you. Just compare our price with competitors! - 405-998-7878 ;

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Garage Conversion in Los Angeles Before and After
  • Garage Conversion to ADU.

  • Garage Remodeling.

  • Turn Garage into Office

  • Conversion into living space: 1-2 bdrm, studio, bedroom / room.

  • Kitchen construction in Garage. 

  • Bathroom construction in Garage.

  • Convert Garage to ADU.

  • Turn Garage into Gym

Garage Remodeling Floor Plan
Garage Converstion to ADU in Los Angeles
  • Fixed and Clear Prices.
  • Never overpayments.
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Same Day Estimate for Free.
  • Low Garage Remodel Cost
We offer All Remodeling services at a  affordable low cost. Golden Home is the good contractor for conversion garage to ADU for you. Call Us Today and Get Free Estimate - 405-998-7878 or make online appointment. Just Compare our prices.
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Door Restoration Los Angeles

Converting a garage into a ADU, studio apartment, 1-2 bedroom apartment, living space, bedroom or office in Oklahoma. Build a granny flat above garage. The highest ROI in Oklahoma is the construction of an ADU. By investing very modest funds, you can make huge profits that exceed all your expectations. You invest 20 thousand dollars and turn your garage into ADU and rent it out as a full-fledged studio or apartment for $800-1400. Garage conversions are the cheapest way to build an ADU. Build an ADU in your backyard or convert your garage into an ADU is the perfect modern solution. Building an ADU or refurbishing a garage can bring an unprecedented return on investment to your home. It will raise the value of your home, provide your family with additional rental income, and is the fastest return on real estate investment in the world. According to publicly available data, the return on investment in real estate in the United States in the current period can even be negative, and does not exceed 2-3 percent in 3 years, but everything changes completely if we are talking about the construction of ADU. An investment in remodeling a garage or building a new ADU can pay off in full in 2-3 years. If the cost of building your ADU is $20,000, after completion of the work you will rent it out as a studio for $1,000 per month, your entire investment will pay off in 20 months. After about 20 months, you will start making a net profit on your new property. This is just an incredible offer and a new unique trend for Oklahoma. More affordable housing and more return on investment in building and refurbishing garages.

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